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Music by Mandopony: [link]

Controls: Space to Jump/Double Jump


Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony! And what better way to take my mind off the crushing despair of eternal loneliness than to make a game that ships the original pony couple? Presenting: AppleDash! The game where Applejack dashes on rainbows to find her one true love. Because that's how magical pony courtships work.

Yes, I am aware that this game is short, it's easy and it doesn't have a mute button. But I only had about five-ish hours of time total between the weekend and today to get this together. Think of it as less a game and more an interactive fanfic.

For those of you who follow my dA and/or look through my archives, yes, this is an improved version of the AppleDash beta I put up a while ago. Maybe I'll make it even better at some point next month, but I just wanted to get this done before H+H Day. <3


Oh, I guess this is a good place to plug my trilogy of AppleDash comedy/shipping fic, yes?

Barn Surprise: [link]
Barn Surprise 2: More Barns, More Surprises: [link]
Barn Surprise 3: The Threesome Chronicles: [link]


And, um, if you'd like, you can also donate some money to my pony fund. I promise that all the money in this fund will be used to buy pony-related things from artists. Like commissions. And music. And prints.

Click here to donate to Sparklepeep's Pony Fund!

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February 13, 2012
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